Psy 321 - Cognitive Psychology - Spring 2021. This is the main site for my S2021 Online Cognitive course. It's on my site. There is a backup of the site at Here is the link.
Psy 216 - Introductory Statistics - Fall 2019
Psy 216 - Introductory Statistics - Fall 2019 (Backup Site on my account)
Psy 422 Spring 2012 - My Psy 422, Physiological Psychology, website for Spring 2012
Brain and Cognitive Sciences - My own website of links and materials related to the brain and cognitive sciences.
My Bookmarks - These are the bookmarks and links that were original at my .Mac website and have to be moved.
My Recipes - Some of my cooking recipes.
My MobileMe Photo Gallery - Lots of my photos from the Paris, 2011, Study Abroad trip There are also photos of my bread making efforts and of the house. These need to be transferred before Apple discontinues MobileMe in June I believe.
Paris 2011 - My person Paris 2011 website created with iWeb. Photos from Paris, Summer or 2011
The Rambler- My Google blog. One of my test sites. Not much here. Just wanted to set one up on my Google account.
Rapidweaver Testsite - A Rapidweaver test site for testing various technologies. There are some videos here, for example.
Runrev Test Site - Main - My first site at Runrev. Just to get started
UD Website - My official University of Dayton website.