Cognitive Writing Assignment # 1 - Due on 02-26-19 at the beginning of class.
Cognitive Writing Assignment # 2 - Due on 03-26-19 at the beginning of class
Helpful Hints for Writing Assignments - To help you with the two writing assignments
Study Strategies Handout: This handout provides a number of suggestions for studying the material for this and other courses. The recommendations are based on applied cognitive research on memory and learning.
Historical Timeline of Events that led to the emergence of Cognitive Psychology as a theoretical approach to the study of mind.
Review Questions - The Following Question Sets are to help you learn the material we cover. They cover much of what is discussed and in the Matlin & Farmer textbook—but not everything. Also, we won’t necessarily have covered everything that the questions ask about—time constraints. They are to help you learn the material not simply to study for exams. Use them to learn the material as we go along, not for a cram session the day or week before the exam. Some of them are challenging but I want you to struggle with and answer them on your own. Learning occurs when not when we are told an answer and memorize it but when we struggle with and master something through our own efforts.
Learning Questions 1 - Chapters 1 through 4
Learning Questions 2 - Chapters 5 & 6
Learning Questions 3 - Chapters 8 & 9
Learning Questions 4 - Chapters 10 & 11